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Congratulations to the cast of Time’s Arrow for a successful opening weekend, even in the face of a tumultuous weather weekend! One of our audience members submitted a lovely review on Goldstar – check it out and then grab your tickets for this week’s final 3 performances at http://timesarrow.bpt.me/. Thursday-Saturday, Oct 20, 21, and 22 at 8PM in the Ballard Underground.

From Goldstar Reviewer:
Wasn’t sure what to expect … first time at improv theater. Plain stage with couple of boxes; wet bar with some good whiskeys and decent white wine with the white wine going for $3; decent chairs. OK by me.

Topic was a parsonage on the Grand Cayman Island (from a audience member suggestion) and then one hour of improv. Highlight was (must have googled Grand Cayman) skinny bespectacled Bartholomew courting the governor’s daughter in competition with a British sea captain (Grand Cayman is a British Protectorate) and finally disclosing his true identity as the notorious pirate Black Bart (real historical Caribbean Pirate) winning the girl in a swordfight.

Sorry you missed it with the theater 1/3 full (could have been the storm warning over Seattle) as this particular play will never be seen again.

But the creative minds are still there awaiting your suggestion for the evening’s theme. Suggest you attend this affordable delight.



PHOTOS: Time’s Arrow

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Production photos from Time’s Arrow (2016). People pass through. Spaces remain. A world premiere improvised play debuting Oct 13-22 at the Ballard Underground in Seattle. Tickets available at http://timesarrow.bpt.me

Time’s Arrow: Behind the Scenes with Tony Beeman

Tony Beeman is a SET veteran (The Doctor, Where No Man Has Gone Before) who rejoins us in the cast of Time’s Arrow. Below, he shares his thoughts on being a part of this truly unique world premiere production.

Time’s Arrow runs October 13 – 22 at the Ballard Underground – 6 performances only. Get tickets now at http://timesarrow.bpt.me today!

I grew up in East Tennessee, along the Clinch River, where the earth would give up a lot of arrowheads each spring. A friend of the family gave me one of those arrowheads: a quartz arrowhead from the banks of the river, crafted by unknown tribes which had populated the area long before the Shawnee or Cherokee. I remember holding the chipped quartz in my ten-year-old hand and imagining the men and women who must have stood exactly where I was standing all those years ago. How they stood, what they wore, what they were doing. Who they loved. How they lived and how they died.

Time’s Arrow, created by director Elizabeth Brammer, and produced by Seattle Experimental Theater, is a show about an arrow of another sort. It opens this Thursday, and of the hundred-some shows I’ve performed in, it’s already among my favorites. The show explores a fixed place on Earth, while jumping through time. In 1972, a teenager storms out of the dining room, and collapses into a chair that stands where we just watched a 1790’s settler bury her own daughter. In 2173, our descendants argue water as dust sweeps across the landscape. In 1870, two conferderate deserters plan a doomed heist as they hide away in the settler’s now-abandoned shack.

Tony Beeman and Sarah Scheller at tech rehearsal for "Time's Arrow".

Tony Beeman and Sarah Scheller at tech rehearsal for “Time’s Arrow”.

We are surrounded by the ghosts of what has been and what will be. And while the characters are unable to break out of that arrow’s path, the audience escapes that velocity, and witnesses the past, present and future simultanously. It’s a sometimes funny, sometimes sad love song to places, with the dusty smell of old bookstores, the lit spark of future possibilities, and the comfortable air of a present that keeps slipping away. We’ve had a great time rehearsing the show, and are incredibly excited to invite an audience to participate in the journey!

Time’s Arrow opens Thursday, October 13th, and plays for two weeks on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at the Ballard Underground. Advance tickets available at Brown Paper Tickets.


AUDITIONS: Time’s Arrow (October 2016)

SET is seeking improvisers 18 and older with a minimum of two years of improv experience to audition for the world premiere of Time’s Arrow, an original long form improvised show that will explore a space through different time periods. Scripted show experience is preferred, but not required. Performers of all ethnicities, gender, and body types are encouraged to audition.

Time’s Arrow

One Place; Infinite Time

AUDITIONS: Wednesday July 20, 7-10 PM
CALLBACKS: Sunday July 24
AUDITION LOCATION: Seattle Area (location will be sent with confirmation)

About the Show:

The spaces around us are full of history and potential; haunted by ghosts and gilded by dreams. Halls and streets and fields are rich with meaning defined by wonderful, terrible, forgettable, and sublime individual and collective experiences, yet we exist in them for only one moment at a time. In “Time’s Arrow”, we will explore the layers of life piled in a single location that means something to a member of our audience.

The show is directed by Elizabeth Brammer and will perform at the Ballard Underground.

Performers for Time’s Arrow will be paid as a percentage of the show profits.

Show dates:
October 13, 14, 15, 20, 21 & 22 at 8pm

Rehearsal/Tech dates:
Rehearsals: Tuesdays 7-10pm, some Thursdays 7-10pm, and Saturdays (depending on cast availability) starting September 6th.

October 9th
October 11th 7-10pm
October 12th 7-10pm

Audition Details

For an audition spot, please email Samantha.Hecker@seattleexperimentaltheater.com with your name, resume and headshot. Please let us know if you require a specific time for your audition slot. Auditions will be in 30 minute slots between 7-10 PM on July 20. Callbacks will be held July 24th. If you are interested in the show but cannot make one of the audition times, please let us know. If you have conflicts with any of the above dates, please let us know.

Seattle Experimental Theater is celebrating its 5th Anniversary Season in 2016. In addition to appearing at a wide variety of theater venues in the Seattle area, SET productions have also been featured at The Seattle Festival of Improv Theater, The Hawaii Festival of Improv Theater, Emerald City ComicCon, and GeekGirlCon.