Time’s Arrow


People Pass Through. Spaces Remain.



The old jail that might be haunted. The house that has housed three generations of a family. The local restaurant that was the site of a bank robbery in the 1940s. What ghosts are you walking through? The spaces around us are rich with history defined by wonderful, terrible, forgettable, sublime individual and collective experiences, yet we exist in them for only one moment at a time.

Time’s Arrow invites you to take a walk through the spaces of the past. Every performance, Time’s Arrow uses stories from the audience to explore the layers of life piled in a single location. Every performance will be completely improvised and unique, based on that evening’s stories from the audience.

Cast & Crew

Time’s Arrow is created and directed by Elizabeth Brammer. The cast of Time’s Arrow is Tony Beeman, David Gordon, Connor Kinzer, Christine Riippi, Sarah Scheller, Lauren Skelton, and Greg Stackhouse.


Press Photos

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