WORKSHOP: Acting for Improv, November 12

Join us for Seattle Experimental Theater’s inaugural improv learning workshop – learn from our veterans as they share their expertise and unique perspectives.

Acting for Improv with Elizabeth Brammer will be offered on November 12, 2016 from 1 – 5PM. Spaces are limited and advance registration is required. Class fee is $60. This class is intended for students with intermediate and above experience with improv.


Are you someone who has come to improv without a background in acting, or one who is looking to improve the theatrical side to your improv scenes? If so, this workshop is for you! In this class, we will explore some basic physical, vocal, and scripted scene study techniques, and how they can bolster your improvised scenes. We will work on simple staging, movement and stance, characterization and emotional expression, and vocal techniques to add dynamics to your characters. In this workshop we will work with both scripted scenes (no memorization required – we will hold scripts in hand) and improvisation.

Elizabeth Brammer is an ensemble member at Unexpected Productions, and a performer/director with Seattle Experimental Theater. She is also a member of improv group Mr. Snake, and sketch comedy duo Liz & Joel; and in August 2016 took a show she directed to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Liz has a bachelor of fine arts in theater performance from Denison University, where she started performing improv, way back in 1999. She has studied improv and sketch at The Second City, The Groundlings, ColdTowne Theater, and The Hideout Theater, and with TJ & Dave, Dasariski, and David Razowsky, among others. She also teaches sketch comedy at the Unexpected Productions school.

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