Geek Comedy Improv Doubleheader on March 15th!

Fresh off the heels of fantastic performances at the Emerald City Comicon, two of Seattle’s geekiest improv groups join forces for a one-night-only theatrical experience at Seattle’s Jewel Box Theatre!

SET’s own hit improvised Star Trek parody Where No Man Has Gone Before joins forces with improv tour de force NERDprov for an evening of geeky hilarity.

Friday, March 15th at 8PM
(Show runs approx. 90 minutes)
Tickets $20 (or $16 in advance via Brown Paper Tickets)

The Jewel Box Theater
2322 2nd Ave
Seattle,, WA 98121

Please note that due to venue policy, this show is 21+ only.

To buy tickets in advance, visit Brown Paper Tickets by clicking here.


Where No Man Has Gone Before
Adventure! Beautiful women! Exotic alien worlds! Where No Man Has Gone Before is a fully improvised parody of the original Star Trek TV series. Each night the cast will use suggestions from the audience to create the world and plot of the show. Where No Man Has Gone Before was featured at the Hawaii Improv Festival, and at Emerald City Comi-Con.

NERDprov crosses the streams of geek culture and comedic improvisation, causing total protonic reversal, as well as an amazing show! Our audiences get to shout out their favorite geeky references, shows, movies, comics, music and games, and watch us bring them to life on stage! NERDprov began as part of the Emerald City Comicon in 2009, and has since performed at several cons, independant shows, and with Seattle Theatresports, along with special guest stars such as The Guild, LoadingReadyRun, Ian Boothby, Kris Straub, and more!

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