September 14 and 15: FEELINGS Improv

Seattle Experimental Theater is pleased to be hosting FEELINGS at 18th and Union September 14th & 15th.

FEELINGS is intersectional, feminist, queer improvised theatre. Kinzie is gay, Natasha is a white-passing Latina, and they want you to join them to eat dessert and dismantle the white-cis-hetero patriarchy. Using audience suggestions, FEELINGS explores identity and privilege while being satirical and earnest. Show up in your PJS and bring some ice cream because it’s about to get real.

FEELINGS is a comedic exploration of race, gender, sexuality and politics.


FEELINGS started in 2015, and highlights include The Los Angeles Diversity in Comedy Festival at Second City, Bumbershoot, and the All Jane Comedy Festival in Portland.

Performances are September 14 & 15 at 10:30pm at 18th and Union

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